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The Sewing Doctor

Refashioning - Altering - Recycling

Why do you need The Sewing Doctor?

Chances are your clothes may be too big, too small, too short or too long. Or maybe unflattering and out of date. I can fix what ails them. I'll give your "sick" clothes a healthy new life.

Stop throwing out or giving away your clothes. Save time and money. I give new life to old things!

Click here to read the Daily Local article: The Sewing Doctor is on call

Call us today for an estimate and ideas on what I can do for your wardrobe at 610-622-5856.

How did The Sewing Doctor start?

As a young girl growing up in suburban Philadelphia, I lovingly watched my paternal "Nana" design and sew my Barbie doll clothes. One of my favorite Christmas gifts was a toy sewing machine. I can still remember my Dad taking the photo of me sitting at our dining room table while I tried out my new machine. I was so content and still find sewing relaxes me!

My love of sewing has stayed with me since. For years later, I received a "real" sewing machine and majored in Fashion Design and Merchandising at Drexel University.

You're probably wondering why my web site has a tailoring theme. I want it to reflect my personality, passions and the creativity and attention to detail I put into each and every project, whether it's writing marketing materials or altering clothing.

Here's a sample of what I've done for my "ailing" clothes: