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Marketing Materials Case Study: New Product Launch

We were asked by a manufacturer to promote a brand new printing technology using thin-weight magnet stock for their new product – integrated magnets. The technology to create the thin, printer-friendly integrated magnet premiered in Germany the year before. Our client wanted to be the first US manufacturer to produce and market integrated magnets, and felt it fit their product niche – integrated cards and labels.
The product is truly unique: The integrated magnet is thin enough to easily feed through virtually any impact or laser printer so it can be personalized. It is thick enough that when popped out from the printed form, it will lay flat. Labels and cards were traditionally integrated into printed sheets and forms, but never magnets … until now.
To convey the product’s uniqueness and to attract attention, we designed marketing pieces so the headline went off the page. We used an interestingly shaped colorful object —jack-in-the-box —that popped off the page. For maximum impact and name recognition, we printed the client’s logo, name and 800# on both the sheet and the magnet. The body copy emphasized the theme and coordinated with the graphic. The jack-in-the-box was intentionally the most colorful element to call attention to the die-cut magnet.
To get maximum visibility, we launched the product at a trade show and designed the booth around the jack-in-the-box theme, and sent post cards and distributed press releases and product samples prior to the show to stimulate attendance. The booth backdrop had the graphics and edited copy from the flyer and the table was decorated with jack-in-the-boxes and balloons. We held a “Name the Product” contest at the show.
Since our client sells through print brokers, we also produced an “end user” version of the “Think Outside of the Box” flyer. The bottom portion and the front of the jack-in-the-box graphic were both intentionally left blank for personalization.
The end user receives two promotion pieces – a flyer and a magnet – for the price of one. Plus, the end user can be creative. The magnet can be precisely die cut into ANY shape, e.g., a house for a realtor, a phone for a cell phone dealer, a tool for a contractor. Whatever shape the client wants to symbolize their business or service is now possible with this new printing technology and our client’s new product.
“You were tenacious and continually presented us with fresh, unique ideas. You have excellent response and follow up. Your knowledge of our industry was vital for the new product launch to be a success. You thought of every detail.” - Chairman