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Image Development Case Study: Visibility

The Chairman of Short Run Companies desired to be a more prominent figure in the document management industry and ultimately serve on the DMIA board. Even though he is outgoing, the movers and shakers of the industry did not know him and his strengths. A former client recommended he hire me to increase his visibility and improve his image.
Besides attending a few Trade Marts, I strongly suggested he attend Mid-Year planning meetings and exhibit at InformServices. Because of my prior position as Associate Publisher of Business Forms, Labels & Systems magazine and my networking abilities, I introduced him to key industry people. Plus, I advised he get involved in industry functions; he judged BFL&S annual design contest, co-sponsored a Trade Mart, and contributed forms for InformServices. To further increase his exposure, his photograph was used in their advertising campaigns and was published in the trade journals with press coverage about him and his staff.
Client has worked his way up the ranks; first, he served as Regional Liaison, then Membership Chairman. Now, he is association President.
You patiently taught us the fundamentals of good marketing and helped us set goals and accomplish our mission of being noticed.” Jeff Long, Chairman